Change Your Attitude, Change your Altitude

How we create the paradigms and events of our lives


No one likes a negative Nancy. You know, that person who regardless of the situation- however pleasant or perfect a day, something is always wrong. I’m not sure if people intentionally realize they are a buzzkill or if they’re simply looking for someone to feed that attention. However, I find it’s critical to focus on the positive. Not that mentioning the issues aren’t important, but consistently fueling negative energy and thoughts day in and day out is just a waste.

I used to always play the victim mentality. Oh, why did this happen to me, what did I do? I didn’t deserve this, etc etc. But it’s about changing your mindset and seeing it from another frame of reference. Instead of “why me”, try to think – “what lesson will this teach me? What valuable insight do I have to learn?”. Know and trust that you have the knowledge and the skill set to take on any task at hand. Even if you don’t yourself, someone in your network has probably gone through it and if not, you can always read about it on the millions of sources via internet, books or other media; simply pick your favourite. Throughout the course of history, someone in mankind must have had this happen to them before and possibly worse and had to find a way to solve it. It may not be the very best option for you, but at least it’s getting your thoughts strategizing for plausible strategic outcomes.


What we focus on becomes our reality. It’s a psychological law, what is thought of consistently with purpose manifests itself to become true, often subconsciously at first and then consciously once the individual has confirmed their decision upon that reality.

Try to make note daily of a few things you are grateful for. These things can be the smallest of notions or the grandest of all- the size matters none. What matters is that you have taken a moment to live in the now and reflect on what led you there. It’ll take some time to get going but just as momentum does, it builds. If you’re having a hard time starting- I could help you: you are currently most likely sitting, probably in a nice chair, couch or bed you’ve chosen yourself and have had the pleasure of resting in. You have a roof over your head and most likely have some sort of heating or cooling thermal system in your location. You live another day; your lungs continue to expand and contract while your body flows in its natural rhythm without you having to instruct it.

Ever notice you’re trapped in a certain wavelength of thinking? Here are some strategies to re-energize and re-synergize your attitude:

  1. Take deep, slow breaths- live in the present moment. Right here, right now. Where are you? Find something beautiful in the now.
  2. Try to correct your posture and notice your bodies subconscious expressions. Raise your chin up, force a smile to boost the endorphins in your brain chemically and open your body language. Straighten your spine and stand or sit tall, with purpose. Relax any tension in your jawline, temple, fists, shoulders or back.
  3. Think to yourself – what is one thing I can do to enjoy this very second? Act.
  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Not feeling social? Never really know what to say to talk to others? It’s at the edge of distressing situations that we reach higher limits.

You can control your own reality. Stay positive, don’t give up. Nothing ever worth having came easy. Support your team and believe in yourself. I know you can do it my darlings.

Xoxo Victoria